The New World : Through the Long Long Tunnel of Suffering, Humanity Opens a New World

(著) 丹正東岳



Mankind is now trying to mark the history of a new world.

The souls of the people are awakening and trying to enter the world of light.

Henceforth, a history of our fusion begins.

Until now mankind has been building a society of competition.

However, in competition the souls the people continued to be torn apart and sundered.

Mankind has now begun to take note.

Of the emptiness of vying with people.

Of the grief of wrangling with people.

However, human history changes.

It changes your history.

The revelation is received.

Be joined, it says.

[Author bio]
Tougaku Tanjyou
Born in Okayama Prefecture, April in Showa28
Achieved the Sennichimae peak in Heisei 3
Heisei 6, Achieved fasting forty days
Heisei 7, Lantern Daigoma service training at the Tomb of Genghis Khan, Inner Mongolia
Currently sponsors Shugendojyo and Kodosha