The Origin of Start:The Story of the "Beginning" of Human Evolution

(著) 高村昌宏



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-History of challenges as a species, what lies ahead-
When cold weather depletes forests and threatens the extinction of herds of macaques, they risk death to reach for untouched fallen nuts and berries on the ground. Pioneers with a strong curiosity to learn from nature "History opened up by several monkeys with a strong spirit will eventually be handed down as wisdom that can be acquired by all monkeys in the herd. From living in the trees to the earth. The history of mankind, which descends from the earth, makes tools, uses fire, speaks words, overcomes numerous difficulties, and continues to evolve from human monkeys to Homo sapiens. Using the power of imagination, the story of the magnificent "origin" of "Ki" drawn with many "beginnings" that must have existed there.

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Masahiro Takamura

Born in April 1942. Born in Otaru, Hokkaido.
Graduated from the Department of Electronic Engineering, Osaka Institute of Technology. Chuman Gakuin Science and Mathematics teacher, etc.
He presides over the “National Roadside Station Tour Club” and “Tsuzuki Monokaki Club”.
Author of "Stop the Evil", "Ki no Origin", "Human Examination", "Stop the Typhoon", and "National Roadside Station Burari Tabi".