A Cawing Crow (English Edition)

(著) 鶴田幸作



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―What kind of dreams did the crow child have?―
The crow that the children found in the corner of the elementary school playground had a bent beak and legs, making it unlikely that it would be able to fly. The animal doctor said that this young crow was born unable to fly because its mother had been drinking polluted water. The children decided to keep the crow in their classroom as a pet, since it might not live long. I believe in a future that will surely take flight someday.This is a heart-wrenching yet heart-wrenching story of life, based on a true story, depicting the kindness of children and the preciousness of life in warm pictures.

[Comments from the Editor]
Behind this story, which is based on a true story, there are issues that we need to consider between nature and humans. In that sense, this book is thought-provoking not only for children but also for adults. This is a work that parents and children should read together.

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Kosaku Tsuruta