A Day when Eternal Beauty Touches the Chord

(著) 藤井善三郎



Beside the co-author of numbers of technical books until now, has published " Gazing at the Ancestral Culture~the Everlasting Beauty " from Benrido in 2014,"the Kojiinseika" from Geibunshoin in 2015, "the Progress and the Fabric of Human Relationships now and then" by Benrido in 2016. There were demands from the readers and art lovers to the author to write the guidebook for the Chinese art, which is not an academic book. After consideration, the author has come up with the idea. The young couple without any connections to Chinese art till that time, although they had majored in oriental history and art history at university, take the day trip from Tokyo to Kyoto. They meet the director of the museum, curators, volunteers, instructors at the museums who explain the exhibits and related stories in front of the works of art. I put the pictures of the buildings or the art works above and write the explanations and conversations below. In this way I tried to write art novels with a sense of reality. All the contents are based on the author's lectures at the university, presentations in various occasions and the experience from the museum management. I tried to write as simple words as possible.
As an author, I would be happy if you could read this book with joys and interests as a guidebook to appreciate the Chinese folk heritage in such a vast land. And would be happier if you could appreciate our ancestral culture in China.

Zenzaburo Fujii

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