A History of Juvenile Justice Policies in the United States ― A Sociological Perspective

(著) 徳岡秀雄



A historical examination of juvenile justice policies in the U.S. The author observes the cyclical flow of theory to policy, then again to theory in a society that is known for "great social experimentation."

[Author biography]
Born in Kyoto (1941〜 ). Graduated from Kyoto University, Faculty of Education in 1964. Currently a professor at the Faculty of Sociology, Kansai University. Dr. of Educatin (Kyoto Univ.)

Major books and dissertations
"A Perspective on Analyzing Social Pathology" (1987, The University of Tokyo Press), "Basic Sociology (2nd Edition)" (Co-editor, 1990, Fukumura Publishing) ("Readings Japanese Sociology, vol.16 Education" 1986, University of Tokyo Press), and "Youth Issues and Educational Pathology" (Research on Educational Sociology, Vol. 50, 1992), etc.