A Proud Life : My Path of Eighty Years

(著) 我聞宗心



What is pride? It is like the root of a tree, and invisible part that is neither a branch, or leaf. It is an unseen thing like leadership and determination. Pride determines whether a person's behavior is beautiful or unsightly. Read the author's essay summarizing a life in which he is proud of.

【Author's Biography】
Gamon Soshin

1938, Born in Shizuoka prefecture and resident of the prefecture.
Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Chuo University.
Welfare facility (nursing care facility, nursery school, etc.) management, condominium / apartment management, management consultant.
Judiciary administrative scrivener, home building transaction chief, water safety rescue instructor, second-class small vessel operation qualification, landscaping technician.
Iaido Shihan, Judo 3rd Dan, Calligraphy 2nd Dan. Lifesaving award 1983, (4 people rescued), 12 people rescued to date.
"Gamonjuku" was established to practice and teach the four major lessons of the "three graces," "three virtues," "three goodness," and "three evils." The school holds classes on management, tea ceremonies, flower ceremonies, tea Kaiseki cuisine, dressing, painting, calligraphy, pottery, fortune telling based on the writing or pronunciation of one's name, life counseling, etc., and also runs a natural farm.

Gamon Residence Yuan 1161-125 Tsuzugasaki Minami-Osato, Mikkabi-cho, Kita-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka

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