Becoming a friend of God

(著) 岩井清



In this book, we take a step-by-step look at those referred to as "Friends of God" in the Old and New Testament. Not all of them are ideal or perfect. Instead, it's a group consisting of weak and flawed "ordinary human beings." But God was willing to become a friend to each. Not only did he share his will with them, but he also sought to raise every one of them up so they resembled him.
The "only son" Jesus Christ, who explained God to us, became a friend to the disciples called to him. In the Gospel of John, in a sermon called his last will and testament, the Lord Jesus Christ tells his disciples: "I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master's business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you" (15:15). The Lord Jesus is the Savior who not only called the disciples friends but also became "a friend of tax collectors and sinners" (Matthew 11:19).
Not only does he listen to our burdens and bear them, but he is a faithful companion who cleanses sins, purifies, and generously gives his justice and sanctity. If the friendship grows more profound, we may become more like this friend. Just as each era's saints enjoyed a relationship with God, we treasure this friendship and want to deepen our relationship with him every day.

Day 1 : God calling us
Day 2 : Trials overcome by God’s friend
Day 3 : Freedom following trials
Day 4 : God who makes sinners friends
Day 5 : God who benefits all things
Day 6 : Radiance from fellowship with God
Day 7 : Position reversal
Day 8 : The One with foresight
Day 9 : Important first step
Day 10 : The Lord’s speech
Day 11 : Best friend
Day 12 : God of comfort
Day 13 : Overcoming evil with good
Day 14 : Faithful until death
Day 15 : Dedicated to the Lord
Day 16 : Know shame
Day 17 : Brief prayer
Day 18 : What only you can do
Day 19 : Those recommended by God
Day 20 : The one who touched the presence of God
Day 21 : The Prophet of Tears
Day 22 : Three thanks and prayers
Day 23 : No limits to God’s love
Day 24 : Mysterious invitation
Day 25 : Salvation of those close to us
Day 26 : The One who looks through from the beginning to the end
Day 27 : The gracious Lord
Day 28 : 180-degree conversion
Day 29 : Grafted wild olives
Day 30 : Young saints
Author bio

Kiyoshi Iwai was born in Tokyo in 1933. Graduated from Kyoto University and Japan Bible Seminary. Currently, he is a pastor of Hiratsuka Evangelical Christ Church and a former president of the Kassui Bible Institute.
His books include "For those who pray for the first time", and "New Lesson about Christianity by the Old Clock.", and "Bible commentaries".