Business Essay: Turn Your Life Around -The Art of Winning Ideas-

(著) 庄司俊雄



What is the difference between being successful and unsuccessful? It is that one person took action, while the other did not. This book is an account of the author life journey of taking action--from being inspired by Rocky to quitting his job, and numerous pilgrimages along the Shikoku Henro.

【Author Profile】
Toshio Shoji

・Personal Record
1958 Employed at the Teine Plant for Dainichiseika Co., Ltd.
1961 Employed at Otaru City Hall
1962 Graduated from the Otaru University of Commerce, Junior College (night-school)
1981-present Established Shoji Management Development Office
1990-1995 Lecturer at Small and Medium Enterprise College, Tokyo
1991 Lecturer at the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
1996 Registered full-time lecturer at the Central Federation of Societies of Commerce and Industry
1999 Established Bestor, Co., Ltd. (rental real estate business)
2002 Member of Hokkaido Post Management Committee

・Written Work
“Survival Measures for Large Stores” (Seibun Shinkosha)
“Counting Management Notebook” (Seibun Shinkosha)
“Management Planning Notebook” (Seibun Shinkosha)
“Study of Shopping Streets so Profitable They’re Laughing to the Bank” (Yell Publishing)
Has also written for monthly magazines such as “Shougyoukai” and other industry papers.

・Lecture record
1996 Commercial Industry Seminar (Hakone Seminar)
Theme: “Creating a stores that continues to shine with dignity”
Produced by: Shogyokai Publishing Co., Ltd. And Shogyokai Publishing Co., Ltd. Ejupack

・Activity results
March 2001: Created Otaru City TMO concept
Formulated approximately 100 shopping district implementation plans, regional development plans, and regional visions during the past 23 years
Provided guidance on corporate diagnosis for roughly 180 cases in 23 years
Lecture activities: Commerce and Industry Association, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Federation of Small Business Association, private enterprises, municipal officials, and municipal education officials