Enjoy Calligraphy

(著) 藤井善三郎



Letters and calligraphy are the most familiar and relevant things in my life. It is natural that everything is involved in letters and books, such as museum management and arts, teaching at a university for many years, writing academic and specialized books, and giving 800 lectures. And there is an important tool that is inseparable, a brush.
 I use brushes for daily life memos, letters and postcards, paperwork, lecture resumes, art ledgers and explanatory captions, and all writing manuscripts, and I will continue to use brushes in the future.
 Now, as a novelist, I have already written four books, and of course this manuscript is also written by a brush. When the brush comes into contact with the paper, it has less resistance and may not put a burden on the hands or arms, but the most important thing for me is to run the brush as smoothly as it slides. I think that you can write various ideas smoothly, enrich your emotional expression, and write with a brush to convey your feelings and intentions frankly.
 In today's world of scientific civilization and the need to use computers, it is natural that many people do not need a brush. However, I think these are indirect expressions of the person who writes, although these are convenient machines. Even if some people say that hitting the keyboard is not a burden when operating a computer, it at least affects the eyes that see the screen.

Zenzaburo Fujii

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