Fighting of Buddha

(著) 黒坂和雄



“One of the things Gautama Buddha (Shakuson) had realized is probably that everything is existed inside of the law of Cause-and-effect …… existed on certain conditions. He after became into Buddha (awakened person), What he had continued fighting ……”
The priest in the hall said so and fell silent. It was like he asked the people in the hall about the meaning of “Fighting of Buddha”. However, nobody responded to him.
Nakata gazed at the priest. He looked like in his fifties. Nakata felt a serious spirit from him. Things have a serious mood always attracts people’s interest even they can’t agree with it. Much more if the person has an interest, maybe it captures him or her and never lets go away.
Before he knew it, Nakata held his breath. He heard “Fighting of Buddha”, couldn’t stop holding his breath. In the office, in the local community, or in the home, sometime we’re humbled, dishonored, and feel a pain. In such a situation, people who want peace of mind may want to understand “Fighting of Buddha”.
However, nobody gives you a knowledge. Read some relative books, still can’t help feeling that nowhere written about the core of it. And though listen to concerned person’s conversation, still can’t help feeling that none of them explains about “Fighting of Gautama Buddha”.

Author Profile ----------
Kazuo Kurosaka
1940Born in Nagano Prefecture
1958Graduated Nagano Industrial High School Mechanical Engineering Course
1963Employed as the worker of Nagano Prefecture
2000Reached mandatory retirement age
2001Attended the tour of Buddhism four great holy place
2006Attended the pilgrimage to Buddha’s seven great ruins
2015Contemporary Japanese Literary Artists Grand Prize
2015Milan International Literature Grand Prize
2016Italy's highest literary medal
2016International literature contribution work Grand Prize
2017Awarded the Ecole de Paris International Literature Prize

The Member of Human-Buddha Study Workshop
The Member of Meiyukai