Nagasaki's laundry story

(著) 江越弘人



I started writing this book, "Nagasaki's Laundry Story" because I received a document about Japanese laundry from Taeko Kihara, who lives in "Togitsu Town" near Nagasaki City in Nagasaki Prefecture where I live.
In the beginning, I was not very interested in "clothing". Because when I was in college, I was often teased by my friends as "Rag clothing of Egoshi". After I got married, my wife told me about my look, and I started to dress appropriately so that I could live a socially respectable life. For this reason, there are many cases where the cleaning shop takes care of my clothing, and they are washed into a crisp white shirt every time. But that was the reason for my interest in the history of cleaning.

Hiroto Egoshi
Born in 1935 in Nomozaki Town (formerly Takahama Village) in Nagasaki Prefecture.
1959 Graduated from Nagasaki University
1959 Nagasaki Prefecture public school teacher (elementary school)
1996 Retirement (Final work at Nagasaki City Narumidai Elementary School)

Main book publishing
・ "Read on Topics" History of Nagasaki(String Shobo)
・ Miscellaneous miscellaneous notes (Nagasaki literature company)
・ A biographical story about Nagasaki (Roubundou)
E-book publishing
・ Local magazine of Nagasaki City Mie area /
Village-Like nowhere in history(22nd-Century Art Co., Ltd.)
・ Man who runs away-Masazo Motoki, the father of letterpress printing
(22nd-Century Art Co., Ltd.)
・ Nagasaki's laundry story (22nd-century art)