(著) 槙坪毅



Just as our continents were once connected as Pangea, scientists predict it will happen again.
Takeshi’s modern day story of Noah’s Ark set in the year 2048, follows the adventures of a small group of humans who flee the planet in a spaceship when the Earth’s continents shift according to the Earth Renewal Theory.

[Author Biography]
Takeshi Makitsubo

Makitsubo Hospital
The director of Makitsubo Hospital
1952 Born in Wakkanai, Hokkaido
1979 Graduated from Aichi Medical University, Faculty of Medicine
1979 Assistant Professor of Bacteriology at Aichi Medical University
1984 Assistant Professor of the Fourth Department of internal medicine at Aichi Medical University
1985 Medical Director of Makitsubo Hospital
1986 Deputy Director of Makitsubo Hospital
1998 Hiroshima City Medical Association Director
2003 Director of Makitsubo Hospital

Hobbies and special abilities
Hiroshima Aikikai Chairman Aikido 6th Dan
Established Hiroshima City Medical Association Wine Club