Oh, right! Awareness Parenting Q&A-Comprehensive version

(著) 安部利一



Again, the younger siblings were left alone without food or water and died. What a terrible thing to do! An arrested 23-year-old mother seems to have been raising her children with love. However, she didn't know any acquaintances and did not seek help from public agencies—the spread of abusive, frustrated, or anxious people due to social background, such as unstable employment, is more apparent. Social networks in the region are limited, and the concern in low birthrate is lacking.
And if something happens to the child, the public will blame the parent, making the parent more isolated. Parents are not uninterested in their children. They are busy and have little time to socialize with them. Perhaps parents discipline their children with instructions, demands, and prohibitions and respond with reprimands if children do not yield to them. On the other hand, the current situation is that the child may be left alone. In single-parent families, 60% of them are in a difficult financial position, and their lives are even more challenging with raising their children.

Riichi Abe

Born in 1939 in Yokota, Okuizumo Town, Nita Country, Shimane Prefecture, and graduated from Shimane University Faculty of Education in 1961. Shimane Prefectural School of Education Assistant
1963 Worked for Shimane Prefecture Izumo Children's Guidance and Welfare Center
Since then, I have worked at each child guidance and welfare center in the prefecture and retired in 1999.
Currently, Shimane Prefecture of Education Commissioned School Counselor
Part-time medical corporation, "Matsugaoka Hospital."
Part-time job for "Ochi Heart Clinique."
Part-time Lecturer at "Shimane Prefectural Iwami High School of Nursing"
Clinical psychologist, Japanese clinical psychologist society
Lives in Masuda City, Shimane Prefecture