Our Blue Sky

(著) 坂元達男



A touching and poignant coming-of-age story of a group of children living in an alternative care institution.

【Author Biography】
Tatsuo Sakamoto was born in 1937, in Miyakonojo City of Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan. As a teenager, he enjoyed writing and visiting bookstores. After graduating from junior high school, Sakamoto got a job writing numerous novels (short sentences), essays and poems for a newspaper formed with colleagues.

In his twenties, enlightened that education was foremost, Sakamoto decided to refine his skills. He enrolled in a part-time high school (four-year night school) in 1961, at the age of 25.

After graduation, Sakamoto married and was blessed with a son and a daughter, but divorced in 1989.

Sakamoto now lives alone with his son who suffers with intellectual disabilities. He endeavors to actively participate in activities and support organizations relating to disabilities.

Activity status, state of affairs, struggles printed in the Miyakonojo Branch Publication (Training Association Newsletter).

• Branch Manager of the Miyasaki Prefecture “Te wo Tsunagu Kai” (Holding Hands) Association
• Supervisor of the Miyakonjyo City Disabled Persons Group Liaison Council
• Favorite word: silence
• Most respected person: Audrey Hepburn