Relax Art Salon: Mental Relaxation Through Tranquil Art and Soothing Personal Music

(著) 道琳敦子



eBook accompanied by soothing background music
- Feel rejuvenated from fatigue by the 'Art Salon' includes 60 minutes of music that offers healing -

A compatible combination of art and music provides soothing cerebral
stress relief for modern people regardless of race, gender or age.
I seek to offer a relaxing sanctuary for healing through art and soothing
music on an easy “access from home” platform.
Take your time enjoying the ‘Art Salon’ which will unleash your mind and
body in a relaxing way.

Atsuko Dowling
Tokyo native.
Studied Japanese Traditional Painting (SUIBOKU-GA) and Oil Painting after graduating from
college, and Japanese Modern style Painting (NIHON-GA) later.
Received Artist names, "SHUGETSU (Harvest Moon 秋月)" and "TOhJO (Peach Flower
Lady 桃女)".

1985 - 2007 A member and a judge of TOHO Artists Association
2008 - 2016 A member of TOKYO - TEN Artists Association
A member of Japan Artists Association –Japanese National Committee of International Association of Art Awards and honors : 18 times
1985 - 2007 A Selected Artists' Group Exhibition "TOHO-TEN" at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (Japan)
1991 Self-introduction in a book "Artists of California" (U.S.A.)
1992 "NIHON-GA" workshop at Wine Country Artists Group, California (U.S.A.)
1993 Solo Exhibition at Indianapolis Art Gallery (U.S.A.)
1995 Group Exhibitions in Napa, California, 6 times until 2002 (U.S.A.)
1996 Started to attend Group Exhibitions in Ginza, Tokyo (Japan)
1997 Her work, "Image of Grand Teton" was selected to print in "Modern Chinese and Japanese artists" (China)
2003 "Bright Day" and "10,000m Over Earth" were privately shown to Her Majesty the Empress at the Imperial Palace and accepted for display for one week in the living room there.
2004 "Dawn of Teton" & Self Art History were introduced in "HEISEI" magazine from California (U.S.A.)
2008 - 2016 A Selected Artists' Group Exhibition "TOKYO-TEN" at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (Japan)
2008 Solo Exhibition in Ginza, Tokyo (Japan)
2009 The work "Quiet Water" was printed in a pictorial book "Beauty of Japan IV, Four Seasons in Japan, Autumn and Winter" as one of 161 modern artists of NIHON-GA (Japan)
2011 Group Exhibition at the National Art Center, Tokyo (Japan)
2011 A work was used as the cover art in the magazine "The Hot Air Quarterly" Summer issue (Number 19) also some self introduction (U.S.A.)
2011 Solo Exhibition in Ginza, Tokyo (Japan)
2012 Group Exhibition at Museum of Applied Art, Belgrade (Serbia)
2013 Australia 2013 FIP "World Stamp Exhibition" at Royal Exhibition Building (World Heritage Building) in Melbourne (Australia)
2013 Cultural Exchange Exhibition in Zagreb (Croatia)
2013 Art Tile Event in Bercy Paris (France)
2013 Italian Wine Art Label Exhibition at Italian Institute of Culture (ISTITUTO ITALIANO DI CULTURA) in Kudan Tokyo (Japan)
2014 Group Exhibition at National Art Center, Roppongi Tokyo (Japan)
2014 Group Exhibition at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (Japan)
2014 Group Exhibition at La Madeleine, 8 Arr. Paris (France)
2014 "Heart Art in KOBE -Succession of Beauty-" Exhibition at Hyogo Prefecture Museum of Art
2015 "Heart Art in ASUKA 2015 -Recollection Exhibition to Mahoroba Man-yoh" at Nara Prefecture Complex of Man-yoh Culture, Asuka Village
2015 Memorial Exhibition of the 125th Anniversary of Japan-Turkey Amity at Cer Modern Arts Center, Ankara (Turkey)
2015 "Parallelaktion Kunst 2015" (Parallel Action Art Show) at "der Kunstraum in den Ringstrassen Galerien" (the art space in the Ring Roads galleries) in Vienna (Austria)
2016 "Heart Art in Tokyo" -AIDS Charity- at National Art Center in Roppongi Tokyo (Japan)
2016 Group Show at Museu do Oriente -National Orient Museum- in Lisbon (Portugal)
2016 "Heart Art in FUKUOKA" -The 2nd Art Gather Day in Fukuoka - at Fukuoka Asian Art Museum Fukuoka (Japan)

In addition, attended numerous other exhibitions in California, Indiana, Europe and Tokyo.