Star Sea ~ travel to the source of the Yellow River and the Yangtze River~

(著) 長野良市



A beautiful pictorial reference book of the author's 1000 kilometer travels starting at the source of the Yellow River, the Star Sea, and the people, landscapes, and history he is exposed to along the way.

Ryoichi Nagano
Born in Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture in 1957 (now Minamiaso Village).
He graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University in 1981. In 1983, he graduated from Japan Photography College, Press Photography (Kenji Higuchi seminar). And upon graduation, he returned home and established a photo office, “Aso Earth Library.” Afterward, he held photo exhibitions in Japan, England, and the United States. In 1993, he was an internship trainee at the Japan Agency for Cultural Affairs in 1993 (for studying and recording the folklore of Aso). His leading publications were in 1992, a photo book “Aso” (Jiji Press), and in 1997 a photobook “Mountains of fire and gods, Aso Cosmos” (Kumamoto
Nichinichi Shinbun / The 10th). He received the 9th Kumagai Publishing Cultural Award. 2003, “Aso Heritage” (co-produced with
the Aso Regional Promotion Design Center). 2006, photo book “In the Kyushu of the East China Sea “Sakura” (seabird company), etc. Japan Photographers Association / Japan Photographic Association.