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(著) 小平みつ子



I married my husband in 1957. First we devoted ourselves to growing rice, then changed to growing melons in vinyl houses, and finally in 1988 our passion for mountain climbing got over us so we started a shop for mountain weeds. Working hard, we still managed to share peaceful and fun days together, when in summer 2001 my husband fell down with a disease. His condition was getting worse and worse day after day, and it seemed a fight with a disease would never stop.

I’ve been writing a diary for many years, and since I got married I also sometimes wrote different kinds of Japanese poems. I want to look back to my life and life of my husband with help of these poems.

Author profile :
Mitsuko Kodaira
1936, Born in Chiba prefecture, Kimizu
1958, Getting married and starts farming
1964, Starts growing melons in vinyl houses
1988, Opens a mountain wild weeds shop. In her spare time makes traditional cut wood pictures
2001, Due to her husband’s disease and taking care of him shrinks farming business and continues to write poems
2005, In November publishes “One teardrop - Cheer up grandpa” describing her husband’s fighting with a disease