The Amakusa Islands : A living museum on the sea

(著) 長谷義隆



What are the Amakusa Islands?
1) The Amakusa Islands are characterized by a beuatiful archipelago from Ohyano Island to Amakusa Kamishima and strangely shaped rough rocks of Amakusa Shimoshima's west coast.
The Amakusa Islands are built on the nature of 100 million years of geologic history.
2) Amakusa is abundant with culture and humanity.
It was also a refuge for early hidden Christians creating an exotic atmosphere.
Conservation of the heritage of people's history, folklore, and lives lead to development and future prospects through geotourism.
3) It has been 50 years since Amakusa Gokyo (Amakusa Five Bridges) opened the Amakusa Islands to a new life holding a new thought for the earth, the history and people of the Amakusa Islands.
This guide book offers a look at Amakusa's charm.

HASE, Yoshitaka Director of Goshoura Cretaceous Museum
Born in Kitakyushu in 1941. March 2007, Kumamoto University Graduate School of Natural Sciences Professor retired. Current position since April of the same year. Doctor of Science.

HIROSE, Koji Chief curator ot Goshoura Cretaceous Museum
Born in Kameoka, Kyoto Prefecture in 1972. Completed master's program at Kochi University in March 1998. Current position since April 1999.
IWAUCHI, Akiko Chief of technique branch of Avance Co., LTD.
Born in Kumamoto City in 1961. March 1992 Doctoral course, Graduate School of Natural Sciences, Kumamoto University. Doctor of Science. Professional engineer (such as applied

KUDO, Shin President of Avance Co., LTD.
Born in Kashima, Kumamoto in 1952. In 1976, graduated from Kumamoto University, Faculty of Science, Earth Science Department. Outside the prefecture established Avance Co., Ltd. in 1994 after working as a construction consultant company. Technician (Application physics etc.).

UGAI, Hiroaki Curator of Goshoura Cretaceous Museum Born in Kumamoto City in 1975. Completed the doctoral program at the University of Tsukuba in March 2004. Doctor (Science). Current position since April 2004.