The Olympics and the Japanese Spirit

(著) 鈴木くにこ



A book not only about the spirit of the Japanese, but about the hearts of all people around the world gathering together in our common humanity to observe the largest sporting event in the world--the Olympics. With Tokyo hosting the 2020 Olympics, it has the opportunity to share the Japanese culture with the world.

Suzuki Kuniko was born in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan in 1965, studying at Gakushūin from preschool to high school. She travelled to France during high school as part of a Rotary International Youth Exchange, obtaining a baccalaureate. Graduated valedictorian, majoring in politics at the Faculty of Law, Keio University. She joined the International Press Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and worked at the Japanese embassy in France, where she received a DEA from the University of Toulouse and an MBA from the European University. She has worked in the offices of House of Representatives Member Nakayama Tarō, at the Okazaki Institute, and at Nishōgakusha University and the University of Tokyo. She is currently an independent researcher on foreign policy and national security. Active in multiple areas including teaching international relations at high schools, appearing on television, and writing analyses of current international situations. Began the Nippon International Academy in 2018 for studying English and Japanese culture and to provide a place for international exchange.