The Path of Love Played by Art

(著) 藤井善三郎



One day in late autumn, there was a young man who was vaguely thinking about the recovery of all his memories. He proposed on the Shinkansen the way back from the Kansai trip and he was dreaming about immediate content.

He even calls her on his cellphone and a happy young man who is afraid that his dreams will return to reality and his name is Shosei Midorikawa.

At that time, it is the other party, Shiko Sumiregawa, who is busy with lessons and housework. However, Shosei still wanted to see her and called Shiko’s cell phone. Immediately responded. She turned out to be a call form Shosei and she spoke with a joyful voice before he spoke.

“It’s been a long time, but it’s been two weeks since your trip to Kansai. Actually, I was just thinking of calling . I’m glad that I could convey my feelings”

It is a loose way of speaking that is unthinkable from the previous Shiko.


Zenzaburo Fujii

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