The Poem Of Love

(著) 峰岸順子



Love to my mother, love to my husband, love to my baby, love to my friends and my relatives. Overwhelming, rich and universal love…
We have lots of different loving hearts inside.
We have different kinds of hearts who need to love and hearts who need to be loved.
I want to keep my loving heart young, like in the days I used to live bravely every day.
I want to feel that happiness of beauty and severe of living with loving heart.


Writer’s profile

Minegishi Yoriko
Born in Fukushima on March 1st 1939
Finished Fukushima Girls High School Yasuzumi
Lives is Saitama pref.
Other books Poems Collection “A sky full of stars” NHK cultural center, November 20th 1997
Poems Collection “Dream boat” NHK cultural center, November 20th 2004