The sky and sea of the sun created by the gods

(著) 日髙昭紀



When a wandering mind boldly wonders why such a universe exists, I think there is a mysterious universe that can be explained by wisdom and another that cannot be understood by any means and has different dimensions. The existence of the omnipotent goes beyond human intelligence, and this existence in itself might have caused the creation of the universe. Then, assuming that this existence is called a God, it may have led to the creation of a large universe that combines metaphysics and metamorphosis with different dimensions during the creation of the universe under that God.

The sky and sea of the sun created by the gods
The sun, people, and calendar
The sun and sea
The sun and the Earth
The sun and origin
The sun and peace
The sun and war
Underground energy source, oil
Life and existence
World of creation
Human civilization
Future Present Past
Nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki
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Tokyo, the capital, is a black hole
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A sacred space of light where the gods of the sun live
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The sun
The sun and the traveling monk
Thank you, I am grateful.
With the sun

Akinori Hidaka (Akinori Hidaka)
Born February 11, 1945 in Hyuga City
Dropped out of the Faculty of Economics, Takushoku University
Self employed