Watch with Your Heart : An Art Novel (English Edition)

(著) 藤井善三郎



This art novel, like its previous work, is based on the need to award “arts and performing arts with the ultimate in skill” in life, to hone and further enhance one’s sensibility. It was a novel that entrusts the hero with the experience of hospitalization and surgery of the author just before writing, and what I learned with the dream of going on the path of medicine if there was no museum management. The most important thing for medicine is not only medical treatment but also healing from the same perspective as the sick person, and for that purpose, the humanity and sensibility of the doctor himself is required. Sometimes it is necessary to integrate western medicine and oriental medicine.

The main character of the previous work,”Beauty and Life,” is a museum curator, and this book is a clinical trainee. Although the work is different, the theme of the underlying human being is the same. It would be a pleasure as an author if the readers would feel like going to a seminar or exhibition in which the main character participates, and if it was an opportunity to remember your youth.


Zenzaburo Fujii

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