Why Don’t You Start Kumihimo on the DISK? : 160 Assembling Methods and Design Patterns with Photos and Illustrations (English Edition)

(著) 光武節



[About the product]
―Would you like to start using braided cord discs that add a little color to your everyday life?―
Although it is inferior to Marudai and Takadai in terms of efficiency and quality, the good thing about disc braiding is that anyone can do it anywhere. This book will guide you to the world of braiding using such an easy and attractive disc.All you need is a braided cord disk, scissors, chopsticks, thread, and weights, all of which are familiar things other than the disk. With 120 pattern designs and step-by-step instructions and color scheme examples, you can create a wide variety of braided works. Of course, we will also explain the basic operations of braiding with photos for those who are just starting out. This book is also recommended for those who are already enjoying braiding.

[Comments from the Editor]
Kumihimo is familiar to Japanese people, but I think it would be a waste not to enjoy such a beautiful handicraft as a hobby. If you find a design pattern in this book that you like, please give it a try. I would be happy if many people could enjoy the world of braided cords woven by colorful threads.

[Author Profile]
Takashi Mitsutake
Born in 1947 in Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture

I decided to share Japanese braids with girls in Sri Lanka, so I traveled to Sri Lanka 10 times. We held a workshop locally. (As of February 2021)

Representative director of an animal protection NPO.
He lives in Kitakyushu City.