“Moe Cats” Kitten Edition Vol.1 - PHOTO MANGA Shot by cats -

(著) 前田惠三



All of the cats appearing in this photo manga are my actual pets, and they are a genuine family of five cats. The family is composed of two all-white parents and their two all-white kittens as well as one surprisingly all-black kitten. A family like this, composed of four all-white and one all-black cats, is probably pretty rare in the world, and because it’s so strange, many people ask me how an all-black kitten was born.
When women ask me that, as a joke, I usually say, “It’s because the mother cat had an affair.” And for some reason, no matter who they are – married, single, old, young, A-cupped, F-cupped – this makes them burst out laughing. Maybe it’s just a subconscious thing, but to me, that’s the strange part…
Anyway, getting back on topic, if you read the whole story, you’ll see that the all-white parents are actually bicolor black-and-white cats and so they possess “black fur” genes. This solves the mystery.
I got my first cat more than ten years ago. It all started when I heard from a patient that a particularly smart cat living on a farm in town had kittens. I ended up getting a female kitten that was born in their barn.
The kitten was a mixed-breed Himalayan. Her most striking features were the long, bushy white fur all over her body and her long, straight tail. However, the real reason I chose her out of the 6~7 brothers and sisters she was born together with was because she had a black moustache pattern under her nose. Back then, I had a black facial hair too, so it just seemed amusing that she looked like her owner.