Bonsai Management Manual with 24 Popular Tree Species - Basics and Practices To Grow Beautiful Bonsai Trees

(著) 小島良博



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- For deeper enjoyment of Japan's world-class horticultural art -
The "Japanese black pine tree" symbolizes the beauty of the Japanese landscape with its strong form and grand style. The "zelkova", with its delicate branch tips and beautiful white trunk, captivates the viewer. The "Fuji cherry tree" is resistant to cutting and flowers well even when young, giving it a neat and elegant appearance. The "crab apple", with its neat white flowers tinged with red in spring and crimson fruits in early winter... Bonsai, which expresses the natural landscape of the mountains and fields in a small pot, is a very deep horticultural art the more you learn about it. However, when one begins to grow bonsai, there are many questions that arise, such as what kind of seedling to choose, how to water and fertilize the tree, and how to manage the tree seasonally. This book is a bonsai management manual for those who have just started bonsai or those who are having trouble growing bonsai, and explains how to grow and manage 24 popular bonsai species with abundant photos. It also includes basic bonsai knowledge and a glossary of terms, making it a book that every bonsai enthusiast should have on hand.

Types of Bonsai
The Appearance of Bonsai

Pine and Oak Bonsai
Japanese Black Pine(Pinus densiflora)
Goyoumatsu(Pinus goyoensis)
Ezo spruce(Picea jezoensis)
Sugi(Japanese cedar)
Shimpaku(Japanese cedar)
Tosho(Japanese pepper)

Miscellaneous bonsai
Momiji(Japanese maple)
Kaede(Trident maple)
Japanese zelkova(Zelkova serrata)

Flower bonsai
Ume(Japanese apricot)
Flowering quince(genus Chaenomeles)
Kaidou(Hall crabapple)
Fuji cherry(Prunus incisa)
Chojoubai(Chaenomeles japonica)

Fruit Bonsai
Umemodoki(Japanese winterberry)
Hime-ringo(Japanese apple)

Basic Knowledge of Bonsai
Condition of Bonsai
Fertilizing Base Trees
Pest Control and Bonsai Tools
Bonsai Terminology

[Comment from the staff.]
Bonsai, which captures the beauty of nature in a small pot, has fascinated many people with its delicate and emotional beauty. This book is a guide to the fascinating world of bonsai for those of you who are interested in bonsai but have been hesitant to try it. Once you have found the species you like, all you need to do is practice. Please enjoy the world-class Japanese culture of bonsai with this book.

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Yoshihiro Kojima

Flower grower
Former Kumagaya Agricultural High School teacher
Possessing flower specialist technician qualification

There are many books on bonsai, chrysanthemums, and flowers, but most of them are out of print.