Life and Economic Phenomena as Substance Questioning The "Essence" of Humans Once Again

(著) 町屋肇



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-What does our intelligence bring us and what does it mislead u?-
This is the fourth installment in the author's journey of speculation on human existence from a social scientific perspective, beginning with his previous book, "What is the Essence of Human Beings? This time, he goes further from the viewpoint of "desire" as an attribute of human beings and turns his attention to life as "matter," attempting to approach the economic aspect from the energy phenomenon, which is deeply related to the basis of life phenomena. This is a grand journey of "self-discovery" of knowledge, which warns us of what lies beyond the steps of human beings who have acquired intelligence, and of the future of mankind brought about by human "life.

[Author Biography]
Hajime Machiya

1942: Born in former Manchukuo and raised in Aomori Prefecture
1967: Graduated from the Department of Economics, Faculty of Law and Economics, Kanagawa University (Okuma Nobuyuki Seminar) : Started work at the Public School Mutual Aid Association Headquarters
2003: Retired from the Association : Started work at the Teachers' Life Welfare Foundation
2008: Retired from the Foundation

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This book is an e-book based on "Essence of Human Nature: The Approach to the Economical Aspects" (2022) published by Shinchosha Co., Ltd.