Muso and Kenko : The most precious thing about life is its impermanence

(著) 久米宏毅



Soseki Muso, a national priest who was looked up to as a spiritual teacher by Emperor Godaigo and Takauji Ashikaga. Kenko Urabe, a poet who is known as the author of "Tsurezuregusa" and is called one of the four kings of waka poetry. A phantom dialogue between the sages of the Kamakura period. The profound truths of life are told against the backdrop of the beautiful Saga-Arashiyama four seasons. A historical novel that describes the paths and thoughts of these men along with waka poems to enlightenment. "Let go of desires", "Know your heart", "Don't forget death and live in the present" A book full of teachings of Kamakura Buddhism that will ease the worries of those of us who live in modern society. “Once you realize the truth about human beings, you will understand that there is no difference between life and death. This is the true safety and peace.” (From this book)

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Hiroki Kume

1945 Born in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture
Graduated from Hokkaido University
Chairman of Social Welfare Corporation
Book "Flower and Green Volunteer" Hokuto Publishing