The breeder of war dogs is America - War without remorse for evil deeds

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[About the product...]
-Moritomo Gakuen and the Unification Church: How Long Will They Turn Away from the Truth?
There is a causal relationship between politics and natural disasters, and a close relationship between natural disasters and human diseases. This book reveals the relationship through the divine cure. The author, who has saved patients suffering from intractable diseases with his "Immuno-Lymphocyte Rejuvenation Technotherapy" and taught the way of mankind in "The Statue of Liberty on the Path of No War," has been involved in the Moritomo Gakuen school, the abduction issue, the Unification Church, and a string of natural disasters, This enlightening book points out the way to salvation by cutting into the pathologies that undermine human beings, such as the Moritomo Gakuen, the abduction issue, the Unification Church, and a series of natural disasters.

[Comment from the author.]
Both politics and medicine have the common goal of saving people, but I believe again as I read this book that both have lost sight of that goal in the modern world. If you have any doubts about the current world or your way of life, I would be happy if you would pick up this book and take a look at it.

[Author biography]
Masataro Murayama

Representative of the Amatsukai.
Born in Yamagata Prefecture, 1942. Graduated from Yamagata Technical College (architectural carpentry). Ltd. and became representative director, now devoted to the activities of the Tianjin Kai. All-around training and trial experiences, undergoing Tianjin Shinmei training. The divine name is Amatsuasakoeetsushihoheo (天津旦音閲史父屁御).

List of books
Sacred Jinchuriki (Gendai Shorin/1995), Koshinryoku (Gendai Shorin/1997), Mysterious Brain Revolution (Seiunsha/1999), Kogon Aru Ie ni Misfortune (Seiunsha/2003), Nihon Maru wa Doko ni Go ka? (Seiunsha/2004), "Possessed Japan! Disaster of the Liberal Democratic Party Government" (Gendai Shorin / 2009), "Shinto Gaku Gijutsu Gijutsu Jisshu Sho" (Gendai Shorin / 2011), "Divine Revelation from Another Heaven" (Gendai Shorin / 2013), "The Root of Spirit is in Cosmic Heaven" (Japan Housing Institute / 2014), "War Words: Have you forgotten?" (Gendai Shorin / 2015), "Gan Immune Lymphatic Growth Handbook" (Seiunsha / 2016), "This is the Only Way to Luck" (Seiunsha / 2017), "Murayama Literature Book" (Seiunsha / 2018).

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