Three Dancing Stages of Life From TV man to stage art, and to a man looking at the blind spot in journalism: Series: My Life Career

(著) 鵜飼宏明



The title of this book, "Three Odoriba," was inspired by the idea of dividing my life into three major parts: my student days, my time at TBS, and my relationship with dance. As you know, "Odoriba" is a space located in the middle of a staircase, and I have tried to apply this title to the world of dance, to which I have devoted a great deal of energy.

I hope you will enjoy reading it as a record of one man's life through the changing times of modern history, from the beginning of the Showa period, through Japan during the war, to the harsh postwar period, then to the period of rapid economic growth, and finally the collapse of the bubble economy.

[Author Biography]

Hiroaki Ukai

1930 Born in Kyoto City

1948 Graduated from the Third Higher School of the old system of education with a degree in French language and literature.

1953 Graduated from the first class of the new University of Tokyo, Department of German Literature, Faculty of Letters

Career: Broadcasting From JOKR (radio) to program production at TBS TV ~1 979 years

Stage: Creative work at DANCE THEATER CUBIC, scriptwriting and directing ~1991

Teaching: Part-time lecturer at Shukutoku Junior College / Japan Women's College of Physical Education ~2000

Criticism Critique and review of creative works, mainly contemporary dance ~2013

In the following dance-related work, I used the pseudonym Shiro Kusaka

Major works and publications

Writings under the name of Hiroaki Ukai

“Dialogue with Sun and Sand: The Silk Road in Western Asia” (1983 Ribun Publishing Co.)

"75 Years of University of Tokyo Student Theater: From Yoshiko Okada to Hideki Noda, 1919-1994." (1997 Shimizu Shoin)

“It is a dance as expected, but it is simply a dance" (2005 Bungeisha)

Works under the name of Shiro Kusaka

“Modern Dance Departure" (1976 Mokuji-sha)

"Pale Women of Takehisa Yumeji" (1994 Kindai Bungei Sha)

"Contemporary dance comes into view"(1997 Chusekisha)

Series "From the Window of Dance" (2003-2012, 3 volumes, Araki Publishing Co.)

Translated book "Rudolf Laban" (2007 Taishukan Shoten), etc.

Video production (6 volumes, 1 hour each, script, direction and explanatory pamphlet)

Volume 1: People of the Pioneer Era 〜 Volume 6: The Development of the Postwar Generation (1988-2005 CDAJ)

Web page: "Citizens and the Arts."